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White Structure

As a retired nurse with one grandson, the service I once provided to the physically sick across all age groups is now focused on the physical, spiritual development of a healthy school-age child. Our faith makes us different from the public school. In this Post-Covid era, I anticipate that unprecedented situations/scenarios may arise; not only does this negatively distract our children but I am concerned that "Pursuing knowledge and academic excellence with an informed moral conscience" becomes a thing of the past. Having lived in Ontario for over 40 years, I am now running for York Catholic District School Board Trustee to ensure our schools are faithfully Catholic schools, while pursuing academic excellence.

White Structure

Ways You Can Help

1. Through Prayers, also attend the Annual Public Square Rosary Rally in your neighborhood on Oct 15th, 12 Noon.
2. Donate towards Campaign material, by E-transfer to:
3. Voting date. Oct 14-24 (online) Oct 20th-22nd & 24th (in person) at assigned polling locations.

Image by Rubaitul Azad
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